It is Hard not to get Romantic about Baseball!!!

I love watching football and will miss it, but my heart is with baseball and I am getting excited that spring training is on its way.  I understand and have studied sabremetrics, but I look at the players as individuals like they did back in the day.  Call me a renaissance man, but streaks are real, superstition is real, and for those who can’t see the evidence behind that can go choke on a bone.  I will probably get a podcast going to place my daily fantasy picks and eventually get a website up, but for now I would like to just start getting to know people.

I am not an Italian (obviously with that last name), and I like the A’s, when people try to tell me that they suck, I like to clock them in the snot box.  Living in Nebraska, by default I am emotionally invested on how the Royals are doing just because I can get down there to watch some games and the farm team is just down the street from where I live.  Omaha is great, baseball is huge over here and I would like to start training some of these kids how to really play the game and give them a potential feature.  I have a family, I love my wife, but her and I only know how to produce girls and my little league hopes seem to keep getting flushed down the down toilet.

When I was a kid I loved the Yankees, as I grew older I realized that money is the root of all evil and buying players is lost love.  Farm systems are under valued and the eyes can be deceiving while GM’s are still making Garbage deals in hopes to reach the promise land.  I can’t wait to analyze this season, I will say it now, this is the year for the A’s, I want this to come back to me later when they win the World Series.

That Tucker Guy